Two Election Officers needed

Voting with a pencil

An image of a pencil marking an “x” on a ballot, indicating the act of voting

The two Election Officers have recently resigned, which means that both positions on the Election Committee are now vacant. Two Election Officers are required to organize, oversee and conduct the annual election of the Executive Committee, scheduled from March 16 to 23.

In order to fill the vacancies, the Executive Committee will temporarily appoint (“pro-tem”) two members in good standing as Election Officers at its meeting this week. For details of the meeting, please click here. All members of CUPE 3903 may attend and speak at meetings of the Executive Committee. Only Executive Committee members may vote.

Once the vacancies have been filled, a two-week nomination period will begin and notice will be given that a by-election will be held to elect the Election Officers at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on March 16.

The members elected in the by-election at the AGM will oversee the current election. The annual election of Election Officers will also take place at the AGM, but the members elected in this election will begin their term once the current election is completed.

The process by which committee vacancies may be filled is governed by Article 10 (f) of the bylaws. Only three days’ notice had been given for the by-election of an Election Officer at the General Membership Meeting on February 13, which is why it was ruled out of order by the Chair.

For more information, or to nominate yourself, please email the Vice President Unit 1 at