CUPE 3903 calls for a strong strike mandate


CUPE 3903 is pleased to introduce the latest in its series of bargaining campaign videos, “Vote YES for a strong strike mandate!” As part of the mobilization for the strike mandate vote that is currently underway, this video features rank-and-file members from departments and faculties across campus who make the case for a strong YES vote.

All the details of the strike vote – when, where and how to vote – are available here.

CUPE 3903 is strongly urging its members to vote YES. A strong strike mandate will kick-start the bargaining process, pressure York to back away from concessions, and give the Bargaining Team more leverage.

For more information on why we need a strong strike mandate, please click here.

  • Vote YES for better funding for Units 1 and 3.
  • Vote YES for real job security for Unit 2.
  • Vote YES for equity in the workplace.

A better York is possible. Together, we can make it happen.