Special GMM Notice: Bargaining Proposals (Part 2)

Special General Members Meeting on Bargaining Proposals (Part 2) –
Wednesday, July 30 11:30-2:30, Harry Crowe Room, 109 Atkinson

It’s a bargaining year! Our union depends on the collective
participation of the grassroots membership to help shape our demands
to improve our working conditions and learning conditions of the
broader York University community. These SGMMs are designed to
facilitate discussion on concrete bargaining proposals to help steer
our bargaining team negotiations with the employer.

This SGMM will finalize the process that began at the July 11th SGMM.
We will consider the prosposals that were “pulled” from the package at
that meeting. Plus, additional bargaining proposals from the
bargaining team will be introduced for consideration. This is a
critical meeting and we encourage members to attend.